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Edge Evolve members can participate in a twelve week challenge that are held each year where one winner is picked based off body transformation, fitness transformation, and community engagement. Think you have what it takes to win the $5,000 Grand Prize?! Personal training members receive special pricing, see your club for additional details.

Online Sales ended September 16, 2023

Edge Evolve Transformation Challenge

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Edge Evolve is a game-changer that offers a transformative experience that goes beyond weight loss, promotes overall wellness, and leverages advanced technology to provide a more personalized and effective fitness journey.

We're confident that Edge Evolve will exceed your expectations and deliver the results you desire.

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Edge Evolve App

Take your fitness game to the next level with Edge Evolve. This all-inclusive program provides personalized tools to help you achieve your health objectives both in and out of the gym.

Everything you need on One Platform

No more juggling multiple fitness apps! With The Edge Evolve App, you can lose weight, gain muscle, improve your nutrition, exercise more consistently, and elevate your workout routine.